How To Choose The Best Domain Name For eCommerce Website

How to choose the best domain name for eCommerce websites?

How to choose the best domain name for eCommerce websites? Picking a domain name or coming out with a domain name is not similar as getting a child name. You need to keep it short, trendy and if possible evergreen. Its got to be a name that sometimes does not have to gave any meaning but it is easy to remember. Sometimes the name does not even symbolizes or represents the business or what we sell. As long as it short, easy to remember and trendy, its already enough to be a good domain name for an e-commerce website.

Why a domain name is important?

First, a good domain name can instill confidence. You don’t want to have a “2u” append to your domain name. Its too cliche nowadays. People will take the domain name as not original and nothing new thus consider as not worth visiting.

A bad domain name however can create warning to customers. A bad domain name that have similarities with other leading or famous domain name, will trigger visitors to think that this maybe a copycat which results to be not original, not creative or even worse visitors will consider its a scam website trying to copy some existing famous website.

A good domain name can increase google ranking because of its uniqueness and untapped keyword in google search terms.

Tips On Choosing A Domain Name

1. Keep it simple and stupid (KISS). Simple and shorter names are much more easier to remember and can reduce typo errors that visitors will type to go to your website. This would also generates a lot of varieties and somebody will take this typo issue for granted. They would buy 1 or more variants domain name that will probably spells similar with your domain name and create a landing page for it. This result to people will end up getting to the websites with your variants domain names instead of yours.

2. Good length for a domain name is between 6-9 letters or 2-4 syllables. Much longer than that then you will have troubles with domain name variables.

3. Avoid trouble by naming your domain not too close with other existing domain or branding. As mentioned earlier, it will trigger warning or a scam website instead of a legit business. Remember, people nowadays don’t buys from anyone or any websites. They only buys from whom they trust.

4. Be creative, unique and brandable. Although it seems easy to say than done, that is why coming up with a domain name is such a tedious task. People pays to get a good name to standout in the internet. Be a purple cow like an Australian Web Designer (Bianca Board) always says. Which means standing out from the crowd. Just imagine if you see a herd of cows and there is one purple cow in the herd. Of course the purple one will caught your attention. Hope you know what I mean.

5. Try merging 2 major words. For instance youtube, paypal, senangpay, facebook, etc. However, merging words will make certain domain names will be too long. Be carefull. Try to merge short letter words. If the name have to be long, make sure its a recognizable word or easy to remember. For instance brainybunch, littlecaliph, internetwebhosting, etc.

6. Using a short phrase for instance dolarshaveclub, top10bestwebsitehosting, etc.

7. Tweaking a word like flickr, tumblr, reeder, etc. You get what I mean? Twist the word a little bit. It should sound the same but the spelling is not. But please make sure you twist a word that is not yet exist as a domain name yet. Otherwise your website will be deemed as a copycat.

8. Use prefix of suffix like shopify, woocommerce, dropbox, flipboard, etc. You can get some ideas by using a generator.

9. Or you can even just makeup completely random unique names like oberlo, odeo, lazada, zalora, unique, catchy and easy to remember.

10. Try using Domain name generator if you stuck in figuring out your website names:

11. Use discoverable words. For instance as below:

  • store
  • shop
  • outlet
  • mart
  • boutique
  • emporium
  • bazaar
  • market
  • showroom
  • coop
  • mall
  • galleria
  • exchange


Final Tips For What Your domain should be

  • Easy to remember (3 words or fewer is a good target)
  • As short as possible (approximately 17 characters or less)
  • Easy to type
  • Easy to say out loud
  • Easy to read (should not appear to contain other words when words are read side by side)
  • Unique
  • Accurate and honest to your business
  • Use .com domains only in the US, or if you want to target SEO for malaysia only or unless you’re going with a new top-level domain like .health
  • Not be in use by other organizations
  • Not contain numbers or hyphens
  • check for variants and if you like a domain name, buy it and its variants also.


So that is how to choose your best domain names for your ecommerce website. Hope you can try all the tips in this post.


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